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Can you really call it true love if your life partner to be won't don the T. Rex costume to parade through the ritualistic process of engagement photos with you? Probs not, dude. This wintery dino-themed display of brilliance just reminded me that love is still very much so alive. It took a couple people dressed up in T. Rex costumes to bring that fact home, but hey, whatever works. Only a day after we learned that Leonardo DiCaprio trolls Tinder for tail it turns out he's not alone in failblog dating page 7 celebrity cyber-dating world.

Man buns might be a dying trend, but we're still gleefully mortified by these images. Maybe if Bill Clinton had sported a hipster updo he wouldn't have dealt with that whole Monica Lewinsky situation. Donald Trump was photographed wearing this very large jacket and looking rather portly. Of course, the photograph in question failblog dating page 7 suspected to have been photoshopped to make the president look quite a bit heavier than he actually is, but that hasn't stopped people from roasting the crap out of it. The former VP went after the President's unsavory remarks about women, saying "A guy who ended up becoming our national leader said, 'I failblog dating page 7 grab a woman anywhere and she likes it.

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We don't know about you, but we failblog dating page 7 out the popcorn for Michael Cohen's hearing yesterday. The whole shebang was failblog dating page 7 entertaining than watching a Disney movie while on acid, and we've got the memes to prove it. We're really loving these ridiculous cursed memes that sarcastically poke fun at one's biggest fears. It all started with a Redditor posting a pic of " Skull Cow " - a creepy-looking cow with what appears to be a skull on its forehead. The meme has since branched out to include other types of ridiculous-looking cows and other generally absurd images that make up the stuff of nightmares. Cats really have the ability to make everything they do look cute as hell - especially when they fall asleep in mind-bogglingly bizarre positions. Cat pics will never get old, so enjoy! It's not crazy for people to try to troll gold-digging women - this guy just really missed the mark. Instead of trolling a con-woman he attempts to make a fool out of a dominatrix that is quite explicit about her intentions. And he seriously, seriously, misses the mark.

On our 1st date she mentioned that she liked Swedish Fish candy. Things went failblog dating page 7 that night she invited me back to her place. Second date I decided to bring her a pack of Swedish Fish. She seemed really happy to see me when she walked into the restaurant, but when I handed her the candy she told me that I was moving too fast and she left. When we got our menus my date told me there were only 3 dishes I could choose from. I asked him why and he said something about wanting a woman who was able to follow orders.

Every time you've had an awkward meal, your server has failblog dating page 7 picked up on it. And if you're lucky, they tell that story about you all the time. Also, quick tip: These folks have absolutely blistering levels of entitlement.
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