speed dating mustang 2015

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A couple of unsuspecting guys got the ride of their life from an experienced female stunt driver on what was assumed to be a blind date. The mark and the stunt driver meet up at a coffee shop and go through the usual first date questions. Eventually the stunt driver offers to drive to the next location of their date. Waiting outside of the coffee shop is a brand new red Mustang GT. Although it did not have any aftermarket Mustang partsit was fitted with a bunch of hidden camers. While driving for the first few minutes the stunt driver pretends to not know how to drive the 5. In the blink of an eye, the date goes from when the stunt driver hoons the Mustang speed dating mustang 2015 a large empty parking lot, with a nice big smokey burnout at the end. Needless to say, that is a date those guys will never forget.

Who said pranks are just for April Fool's Day? Just in time for February 14, Ford speed dating mustang 2015 a bunch of unsuspecting men just what speed dating mustang 2015 dating" really can be. As part of the gag, a woman goes on a series of dates and each man agrees to ride with her in her brand-new red Ford Mustang. Each time, she feigns lack of experience driving a stick-shift, which leaves her dates either terrified or desperately trying to help out and impress a damsel in distress. Seemingly out of nowhere, she whips the Mustang around an empty parking lot to burn some rubber, revealing she's actually a professional stunt driver. The whole experience left all the passengers speechless, and probably wishing they could date her all the more.

It turns out the new Mac Pro has been confirmed for a release date. For a speed dating mustang 2015 there's the serious cooling that the Mustang Shelby GT brings to the party. Active topics Unanswered topics. Continue in the contents of the forum Speed dating ford mustang xsp It turns out the new Mac Pro has been confirmed for a release date.
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The female professional driver meets separately on a blind date with several men at a Dallas coffee shop. None of the men was told that their blind date was a professional stunt driver. After the date, she offers the men a lift home in her gleaming Mustang GT. Speed dating mustang 2015 nerdy-looking guy loves music festivals, plays drums, bass guitars and also loves writing. But then he tries to impress the blonde with an speed dating mustang 2015 list of outdoor activities, such as bike riding, rock climbing and working out. But suddenly, she presses down hard on the gas pedal and the car speeds up.

speed dating mustang 2015

speed dating mustang 2015
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