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A - best in its class "The best B-3's are A's" - now what does this statement mean? It points to the fact that a Hammond A organ is in fact the exact hammond leslie hookup organ as the legendary B-3, and then some. The cabinets of the A models were all, with one exception, tailored for home use: No locking top, built-in speakers and reverb, and a wider selection of wood finishes and stylings. Also, the slimmer profile of the A cabinet especially the 'plain Jane' A model is prefered over the B-style cabinet for taking on the road. A quick history review The first A organs were produced in

Please Add To This Section. Looking into the male connector as if you hammond leslie hookup going to plug it into your mouth:. It should be enough to give you a good idea of what hammond leslie hookup involved in hooking a or other "single-ended" Leslie to speaker level outputs. The kit is relatively easy to make, even more so if you don't mind having the internal speakers permanently disconnected. The most basic setup requires i A six pin amphenol socket, ii a fuse holder with 5A fuse, iii an electronics hobby box or similar housing and iv a single pole - single throw switch of your choice capable of handling line AC voltages. Remember that the 1 through 6 pin-out on the socket will be the reverse of that seen above.

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Please Add To This Section. Someone needs to write this section. Looking into the male connector as if you were going to plug hammond leslie hookup into your mouth. Here is a schematic of the old-style "Leslie Tremolo Control Kit". Also see the Leslie Box schematics. Frank Zueckmantel has provided these pictures of the inside and outside of a 4H kitas well as pictures detailing the wiring of the half-moon switches from a 4H and a 3M kit. The was designed nominally to connect to Hammond console organs which have balanced G-G outputs. Hammond spinets and other brands of organs do not have balanced outputs.

The captain's model guide. About this guide This is hammond leslie hookup quick guide to Leslie speaker models suited for Hammond organs. This document is meant as a reference for when you are browsing the classifieds or eBay and is not meant to list every little detail about the speakers. Some models are covered elsewhere on this website, often in detail and with pictures. About the background The background is Leslie finish 'Oak No 20'. About the roto-sonics Since most players and technicians, including myself, find the roto-sonic Leslie models less valuable, these are listed in a separate section. Some of these speaker models may be used as is, or they can be converted into more Hammond friendly models or simply serve as parts donors for other more valuable Leslie models. Electro Music tended to use the same parts in as many applications as possible, so a good many parts from, say, a model may be used to restore a model
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